2 Tips For Making The Most Of The Space In Your Rental Dumpster During Your Home Renovation Project

If you are getting ready to make major renovations on your home, you may have already scheduled to have a rental dumpster delivered to your property. However, you may worry that the space inside of the dumpster may not be enough for everything you wish to dispose of, which would cause you to have to lose time and pay extra to have it dumped in the middle of your project. If this is the case, use the following tips for maximizing the space in your rental dumpster so that it does not become too full while you are renovating your home.

Throw Lighter Objects Away Before Heavier Ones

While you are busy tearing down old structures or pulling out old furniture and other items, you may simply throw them in the dumpster as needed. Eventually, you have spaces under the debris that are unusable for refuse, and you may find a mound of trash forming above the top of the dumpster before you are finished.

Even before you begin your project, try to form an organizational plan for the debris that will allow you to place lighter objects in the dumpster first. Then, follow the lightweight items with the larger, heavier ones. The weight of the latter will push the lighter objects down, which will create more usable space for other items.

Break Down Any Boxes or Large Pieces of Debris

Especially if you will have a lot of boxes in which supplies, new appliances, and other renovating essentials arrive, you will have a large number of items that will hog the space in the dumpster. Also, if you have any large pieces of debris, such as parts of the walls, floors, or counters, you may find that you fill up the dumpster rather quickly.

To keep this scenario from happening, take time to break down all of the boxes, and put them in the bottom of the dumpster with the lighter items. For large pieces of debris, try to break them up as much as possible so that they easily fit inside the dumpster, and save these pieces for the top when you throw away your heavier items.

Staying organized while you throw items away can help you maximize the space, helping you to save time and money from having to have it dumped before you are finished. For more tips on using the receptacle, speak with a representative with a service that provides dumpsters for rent.